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HEPELLE, is one of the first companies in the field of research, development, engineering, design, production, installation, and maintenance of outer screen walls for skyscrapers, which serve to enhance the cognition and sense of wellbeing of the people living behind the building’s envelope. The Group specializes in developing advanced outer envelope systems, which include artificial intelligence and control systems, as well as performing complex engineering projects in Asia and around the world aimed at improving life behind any building’s external layer.

Pioneer in the Design & Production of Aluminum Alloy Structures

HEPELLE and its subsidiaries have built up a reputation for impeccable design, flawless execution, and reliable customer service. As one of the largest specialist design-and-build companies in the world, we offer a complete design, supply, and assemble package to customers who are looking to upgrade traditional steel and concrete helidecks to lighter and more corrosion-resistant aluminum ones.

Innovations Backed by Patent – A Landing Pad with a Built-in Fire Suppressor

Change is key not only to our success but also to our leadership in the field of Enhanced Safety Helidecks. Our constant, relentless push for iterative improvements in safety and product design has awarded us yet another patent in 2012 for our latest, most advanced landing pads equipped with built-in fire suppressors.



An aluminum structure will weigh between 40-50% of equivalent steel design. In today’s offshore operations, where oil is drilled from increasingly deep waters, a 1 ton saving in the topsides weight delivers multiple factors saving in the structure that supports that weight, which translates into significant savings in material and assembly costs. The weight savings also make aluminum structures easier to handle, fabricate, lift and install. The same benefits are also seen in the construction of elevated onshore helipads, creating enhanced flexibility in design and build.

Low Maintenance

Properly designed marine alloy structures are virtually maintenance-free. The key to this is the non-corrosive characteristics of aluminum, which means that in most cases, the aluminum helipad itself will comfortably outlast the platform or structure on which it is placed. The result is drastically reduced maintenance costs, particularly for offshore and elevated structures where maintenance can be extremely costly and, at times, dangerous business.


An aluminum alloy structure is highly cost-effective compared to equivalent steel construction, and in some cases an aluminum structure can also deliver lower initial purchase costs. Once maintenance, inspection, and other ancillary savings are also factored in, the overall life cycle cost of using aluminum is significantly lower than any other available material.


The use of aluminum alloy structures enables the simple incorporation of unique, low cost and innovate safety features such as built-in patented passive fire suppression systems, which eliminate fires automatically. Our XE Enhanced Safety Helideck utilizes the super-fast thermal dissipation ability of aluminum alloy to channel heat away from hot spots, something unique to aluminum helidecks.



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