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We customize furniture to your need.  Get the furniture from us and we will ensure that your air con will be 10% cheaper than market rate. 

5 Simple Steps in building YOUR dream House. 

Tell us where your house will be 

Design your floor plan

Choose the Theme

Choose the furniture and electrical appliances

Let Us Know & We Will

Quote You The Price


In our more than 6 years of experiences, we have built quite a number of modular houses for the ASEAN region.  We had improvised our work processes over the year making the processes leaner and also ensure high standard of workmanship are met.  With our strong network over the region, we are able to source cheap and quality equipment and material directly from the factory. 

In HEPELLE we believe that every house is different, we personalize to your preference and needs. 

Steps to build SPACE of Your Own:


   A. Choose the Size of Your House

  1. 40ft Container

  2. 20ft Container

  3. 10ft Container


   B. Design your floor plan

  1. Number of room require

  2. No of toilets

  3. Living room layout

  4. Shelving for your stuff etc


   C. Theme for your house

   D. Choose your Furniture and electrical appliances

Advantages of Modular House Construction

Speed of Construction

Modular construction allows for the building and site work to be completed simultaneously.  With this method this can reduce the overall construction schedule by 50% as compare to the traditional way of construction.

Indoor Construction

All construction will be done indoor this keep the assembly independent of weather, which can increase work efficiency and avoid damaged building material.

Ability to Service remote locations

Particularly in countries in which area is located far away from the city center, there can be much higher costs to build a site build house in a remote area.Modular buildings are also beneficial in providing medical and sanitary facilities where time, space and money are an issue.

Low Wastage

We have records of exactly what quantity of materials are needed for a given job.  With the consistency, we can design systems that use common length of lumber, wallboard etc.  We can cut items with maximum efficiency and able to order special length in bulk. 


Combining Traditional building techniques, quality manufacturing and third-party agency who offer certification services for quality control, we build modular house in strict accordance to the local and national regulation and codes.  Due to the need to transport modules to the final site, we design and build the house that able to withstand travel and installation requirements.

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